Newsletter 7: Floor Colour and Grade

Newsletter 7: Floor Colour and Grade

The choice of species influences the colour of a floor and the choice of grade influences the character of a floor.

The choice of species influences the colour of a floor

There are many timber species used in timber floors which provide us with a rich array of colours and grain patterns. In some species the natural colours will be fairly consistent while in others there can be a blend of many colours and tones. This is particularly true where the outer layer of timber beneath the bark is much lighter in colour than the heartwood. Even within a single species and within individual trees, large colour variations of the heartwood can also occur. Timber from younger trees can often be lighter in colour than more mature trees.

Are you looking for a timber species or a timber colour? If you are more concerned with colour, then ensure that you are comfortable with the colour variations that may occur in that species. You may also consider whether there is another similar coloured species or whether mixed species of similar colour are available that would be more suited to what you are looking for.

You need to realize that photos in magazines or off computer screens are NOT going to give you a realistic representation of species colour. Even a sample flooring board provides just one representation of the colour in that species. You should look at the larger panels in our showrooms or have our samples van visit.

Even so, the samples are still only indicative of the species colour and natural variation that may be expected. Your floor will be different from these samples and totally unique to you in its beauty.

The choice of grade influences the character of a floor

It is important to realize that timber flooring grades do not deal with colour (or variations across a species). They are all about the appearance and features of the flooring. Some grades include more of the character of the trees history with larger gum veins, knots and other features visible. In other grades the cleaner natural lines and figure of the timber will dominate with fewer and smaller features present.

All trees contain features such as gum veins, knots and past borer activity and these features add to the character and charm of your floor. When choosing a grade, you are simply deciding on how much feature you want.
Our installers are expert in mixing the floorboards to best reflect the colour and features of your floor. Each floor is unique, even for the same species and the same grade!

It is important to understand that the overall colour or blend of colour in your floor is dependent on the species chosen and that the character of the floor is determined by the grade. It is essential that you work with us to ensure that the end result is as you expected. Your timber floor will last for many years and its character will slowly change over time, so let us help you at the start of that journey.