Red Ironbark

An elegant lustful red, Red Ironbark is a quintessential icon species having long been used in Australia as a strong durable hardwood. Recognised as one of the hardest hardwood flooring timbers available in the world, Red Ironbark combines an inspiring cathedral grain pattern with a deep dark rouge colour. Red Ironbark is a medium to large tree that grows in the dryer regions in Northern New South Wales and eastern Queensland.

Red Ironbark Sizes and Specifications

Species in Detail
Look and Features
Moderately coarse but even texture with an interlocked grain
Deep crimson red with distinctive sapwood
Janka Hardness Rating
Botanical Name
Eucalyptus Sideroxylon, Eucalyptus Fibrosa, Eucalyptus Crebra
Also known as
Mugga, Ironbark
Dry Density
Natural Durability
Class 1
60x19, 80x19, 130x19, 180x21, 80x12, 86x12, 80x13, 83x14, 130x14, 180x14, 63x19

Grade Descriptions

  • Select Grade: The features that are present in Select Grade flooring are relatively small and few in number, and although they are visible the features do not dominate the appearance of the floor.
  • Standard Grade (Medium Feature): Flooring in this grade will be moderately featured. Gum veins, gum pockets, insect trails, burls and borer holes are some of the characteristics that will be more prevalent in Standard Grade.
  • Feature Grade (High Feature): Feature grade flooring is heavily peppered with natural features, particularly large gum veins.
  • Rustic Grade: A full featured floor to provide an old world charm. It may contain features that are more prominent than Feature Grade but with the structural integrity of a Feature Grade floor.