First Floors Spotted Gum

Luxury in any space brings the feeling of style and sophistication, and starts from the floor up!

First Floors

First Floors is a premium engineered floor, with its slightly textured surface and modern matt oil finish it is the perfect choice for interiors of distinction.

The attractive wild warmth of Spotted Gum ensures this boutique collection offers only the finest from our Australian species.

Sizes and Specifications

Spotted Gum: Light coffee brown to dark chocolate with some reddish tinges
Wear Layer
4mm lamella
132mm wide x 13.5mm thick x 1820mm box: 1.922m2 per box
132mm wide x 13.5mm thick x 2130mm box: 2.249m2 per box
180mm wide x 13.5mm thick x 1820mm box: 1.966m2 per box
180mm wide x 13.5mm thick x 2130mm box: 2.300m2 per box
*Roasted Peat available 180mm wide only
Osmo UV Hardwax Oil:
- Blackbutt & Spotted Gum: 132mm & 180mm
- Roasted Peat: 180mm

UV Invisible Lacquer
- Blackbutt & Spotted Gum: 132mm

RAW (Uncoated/Non-brushed)
- Blackbutt & Spotted Gum: 132mm

Medium wire brushed texture except for RAW (Uncoated/Non-brushed)
*Roasted Peat is only available in the medium wire brushed texture
Random 600mm up to 1830mm
Tongue & groove
End matched
0.3mm eased edge
132mm: 8 rows (max 3 nested)
180mm: 6 rows (max 2 nested)
Core Material
Glue down; floated